Storage Cabinet Type WES

The Dryfast storage enclosure WES for electrodes, welding wire or flux is a system enclosure from Rittal.

The brand offers worldwide service for different requirements, innovative products and pioneering engineering solutions.

This enables us to offer our customers the many variants as standard.

The storage enclosure is only designed for storing electrodes that have already been dried.

The inside of the WES storage cabinet is lined with insulation to maintain a constant temperature.

An analogue thermometer and hygrometer are included in the delivery to check the temperature and humidity.

You can decide for yourself where the two measuring devices should be installed.

4 air chimneys ensure good air circulation.

The complete heating technology and a heat separation plate are built into the base.

The WPS is supplied without a mains plug.

Capacity 700 kg
Dimensions in mm 2200 x 600 x 500
Weight 90 kg
Temperature 40 °C
Heating power 450 Watt
Input voltage 230 V 50 Hz

Order number: 500250