WED 1 / 350 L

The Dryfast welding electrode dryer WED 1/350 long version is the ideal model for mobile as well as workshop applications in the field of re-drying.

Thanks to the infinitely variable thermostatic control, the WED 1/350 long version  electrode dryer is extremely versatile.

The robust, double-walled and well-insulated housing is made of powder-coated and galvanised sheet steel.

The WED 1/350 long version is supplied with an electrode lifter as standard. The lifter is used for easy filling and removal of the electrodes.

The electrode dryer in the WED 1/350 series are equipped with a 230V connection cable with a Schuko plug.

The innovative design with the central-vertical radiator ensures good temperature distribution.

Ventilation of the moisture-saturated atmosphere is ensured via the exhaust air duct on the lid.

The combined support and carrying handle allows the user to utilise the electrode oven as an electrode tubular on the construction site.

All these features make the WED 1/350 long version  the ideal device for construction sites and stationary applications.

Capacity 10 kg Electrodes
Temperature 350°C
Heating power 450 Watt
Dimensions in mm 155 x 160 x 750
Weight 9 kg
Input voltage 230 V 50 Hz

Order number: 211350