Electrode dryers made in Germany: The dryfast success story

Dryfast was founded in the early 90s as an proprietorship in Düsseldorf.

After a few years of stagnancy due to the age structure of the old management, Dryfast was taken over by Mr. Guido Schwanitz in the spring of 2020.

The new management restarted production successively. The gradual resumption of production is an important step for the company, as well as for its customers. The core competences of the company remain in the de velopment and production as well as in the sales and servicing of electrode dryers.

About us

Due to the company‘s growth, the Dryfast management decided to change the legal form of the company to a GmbH & Co. KG, a limited partnership with an LLC as the sole limited partner, in 2022.

A further step in Dryfast GmbH & Co. KG‘s growth wasthe takeover of Kueppers Solutions  GmbH‘swelding electrode dryer (SET) business division.

The already established product range ofwelding electrode dryers from Kueppers Solutions GmbH will be continued unchanged.

The development, manufacturing and distribution of all units in our product range are now done in Dortmund.

Code of conduct

Dryfast is committed to complying with applicable laws and guidelines and orients its activities towards generally accepted ethical and social standards.

Only through a high level of respect and fairness between customers and suppliers is trust created; this continues to be the company's claim.

Whether as a sole proprietorship or now as a GmbH & Co. KG, Dryfast sees the key to the company's success in its code of conduct. This code includes a company-wide corporate culture characterised by probity, ethics and personal responsibility.

Thus, social responsibility and social commitment are just as important to Dryfast GmbH & Co. KG are just as important as economic success!

Dryfast is "Made in Germany".