The DRYFAST welding electrode drying oven DRY-TIP is the ideal entry-level-model in the field of re-drying.

The robust, double-walled housing is made of galvanized sheet steel.

DRY-TIP comes with an electrode carrying basket as standard. The basket is used for easy filling and removal of the electrodes.

All DRY-TIP electrode dryer are equipped with 230V connection cable with Schuko plug.

The innovative design with the central-vertically installed radiator ensures good temperature distribution.

Ventilation of the moisture-satureted atmosphere is secured via the exhaust air duct on the top cover.

All of the features make the DRY-TIP the ideal device for installation.

Capacity 10 kg Electrodes
Dimensions in mm 155 x 161 x 610
Weight 5 kg
Temperature 150 °C
Heating power 120 Watt
Input voltage 230 V 50 Hz

Order number: 102000